Alison Scheepers

I approached Daniela because I wanted to live a healthier life, I was tired of being unfit, feeling unhealthy and not eating correctly. Daniela helped me by putting together a completely tailored eating plan and exercise program, specifically to my needs and for the goals I wanted to achieve, which was to build muscle and improve my strength, posture and flexibility.

After a few months I completed phase one, which was basically just to get me accustomed to the new way of enjoying my food, and to build my foundation in the gym. Phase two kicked off with a new, more advanced meal plan and exercise program, and once I was ready I stepped up once again, to phase three – which I absolutely love.

After the first year I noticed that I had not yet had my usual seasonal cold/flu, because in the past I would get sick every 3 months without fail, and now I managed to get through 1 year without any sign of illness. This was huge, I was ecstatic!! My body also started to change/develop, and in one and a half years I built 4kg’s of pure muscle, as well as put on a few cm’s in height (I’m short, so this is a big deal!!) 

Food preparation plays a huge role in whether you reach your goals or not, as the saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Eating healthy does not mean food will be boring. I have eaten better food now than I’d ever eaten before. Daniela also makes sure to try her best to work around types of food that you do and don’t like, for me, that’s raw celery. But, other than that I think I’ve been a pretty easy client, except for the millions of nutrition questions I ask on a daily basis, but despite this, she is always happy to answer, no matter what, and always with a smile!

I can without a doubt say that Daniela has changed my life. She has an incredible passion for what she does, and that motivates me to keep on the straight and narrow (her stalking tactics add to the motivation as well).

If you are looking for someone who believes in you, and doesn’t beat around the bush then Daniela is the best person for you. Her meal plans are simple to follow, and her exercise plans are fun, and she is just an absolute pleasure to work with.