When you don’t have the strength to believe in yourself, you need someone to help open your eyes. You see, you don’t only need someone to regain your eyesight regarding health and the truths surrounding it, you need someone to help you see beyond that and reflectively think yourself out of this hole of discontent and fear and doubt. For some of us, that hole is a deep bottomless pit-

or so we think…. Says “Queen of FIGHT”

AKA Daniela.

With Daniela’s guidance I found that my personal health pit of recurring despair wasn’t nearly as deep as I thought it was.  I realized, I had some fight left in me, WAY more fight than I thought as I went along in this journey with her.

Fighting looks different for everyone; shapes, sizes, sicknesses, disciplines, thoughts, pasts, fears, doubts, failures, struggles, issues even fears of being who you want to be and achieving the goals you never thought you would, or doing just that.

Having someone by your side refusing to give up on the health journey you’ve started together, really pays off. It keeps you thinking, making new plans every time and all the time and because there is no way out by giving up, you have to stay in the game, you have to go through with it.

I see rolling eyes, whenever I tell people my trainer, expects photo’s of my food throughout the day and to top it off she is available almost all the time immediately (believe me Italian blood makes you viciously passionate about food!) In our modern society we have forgotten what accountability means, we have forgotten how to be invested in other people’s lives, without taking away their ability to choose for themselves (the pace of the process), but by encouraging each other, we might fine new insights into each other’s world’s. You see, she will allow you to go slow and sometimes stop, ok to breathe- definitely, but never allow you to fall back and give up.

Getting disciplined in health is the second hardest thing I have ever had to come to terms with, to face, to struggle and fight with, (my whole life so far), but if you allow yourself and a friend, or a trainer? To support you, allow yourself to continue, to keep going, to keep going even if its slow… You WILL benefit, you WILL grow… You will be successful.. Because I know, if I had done everything Daniela said, timeously, I would have been so much further in this journey. (But I’m okay with the webs I had to tackle, now I can go a bit faster and soon, hopefully soon, I can glide through the rough terrain and even join the Queen of fight to enjoy the view at the top.

I find my conversations with Daniela uplifting, insightful and meaningful. And by that I mean, there is ALWAYS food for thought- FOOD- to chew on, plentiful to help you decide, to help you make plans for yourself, to determine the next step in your Journey with Daniela which she is always more than open to experiment with- her motto regarding health is more or less like this:

Try it, if it works, do it again, do it all the time, UNLESS you get bored, then change strategy. AND of course there a more- UNLESS- it’s unhealthy or UNLESS it means “giving up”

Trusting the process is a tall order, when You’re as hopeless and inconsistent as I am.

But because Daniela refuses to give up on your health, and your dreams and your goals, you have no other choice but to start to try believing in yourself again, or from scratch, doesn’t matter which way round.  There is someone who cares enough to climb this strenuous mountain with you. And luckily she is FIT- in every way needed for this journey of yours to become yourself again, to know the person you have always wanted to be, the person you knew are inside of you.

And believe me, if you have any misguided thoughts about yourself, D will sort them out, and if not, her make do attitude will quickly calm your unrealistic thoughts about getting that “BOD” in 2 days, she might just tell you exactly what IS needed for you to do to get a 2day Bod, “cause no- one got time for that!” I can promise you that, no one is that crazy, well except you know who.




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