A few years ago, I watched “That sugar film” and my mind was blown! I decided to cut sugar out of my life and the results were great: The weight start falling off and I felt fantastic. I increased my exercise and continued to improve my diet, but then I hit a plateau!

Around the same time, Daniela had started online coaching and had just launched her facebook page and was doing a Q and A I asked her to advise on hitting a plateau. She gave me 2 pieces of advice which completely changed EVERYTHING. After a few months of hard work, I was fitting into sizes that I hadn’t been in for almost 15 years.

I knew then that this woman definitely knows what she is talking about!

Fast forward to a year later and I made the decision to quit smoking. I was a heavy smoker for 15+ years so I knew it would be tough and that I would probably pick up some weight, but I made the decision to cut my self a bit of slack weight wise.

12kgs and almost a year later I was almost pulling my hair out and so frustrated. I was exercising regularly and eating what I considered to be a relatively healthy diet, but I just could not shift the weight.

I saw one of Daniela’s adverts for the 8 week reboot program and remembered how she had helped previously and decided she was definitely the right woman for the job. I popped her a quick message and asked to be rebooted 🙂

The Lady is thorough!

I was worried about getting all of my info across so should get understand my personal situation but honestly between the forms and questions she got every last bit of info out of me and then some and tailored my exercises and diet accordingly.

I decided to use the reboot to change some other bad habits I had picked in the last few years. My bedtime routine included 1 or 2 sugar free Canderal chocolates, a decaf instant coffee, a big glass of diet coke for the night and an OTC sleeping tablet.

The following morning I had 3 alarms to try and wake me up and I would feel human around 11ish after about 4 cups of very strong coffee.

Daniela warned that the detox week would be tough and let me know what to expect. It was tough , but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected and I was never hungry… bitchy yes, but never hungry! 🙂 I also lost a lot of weight (due to water retention mostly) that first week and that was very motivating.

After that first week, all of my bad habits were broken and I have not returned back there again. I used to have about 10 cups of coffee a day and I’m down to 1 or 2 if any. No more canderal, coke, decaf and sleeping tablets! I sleep much better and wake up easily at 6:30am now.

Each week was varied and delicious (week 3 remains my personal favourite). Yes, you do need to do prep work and make sure you have your healthy foods at hand, but what I really loved was not having to think about what to make for meals.

It was also so nice because exposed to different methods of cooking and different ways of eating. I am not redoing the weeks at present, but I still follow a similar pattern with many of the same recipes. Daniela also provides you with a few small rules that makes it really easy to be flexible if you are not able to follow the diet plan exactly.

I have just added in some of my own recipes here and there, but I am still eating mostly the same way as I was in the program and that’s through choice! 🙂

Daniela herself is super enthusiastic, passionate and motivational. She takes her work and clients very seriously and even when there were fires raging at home (literally fires on the farm) she still made herself completely available to me and kept on inspiring.

She ain’t no pushover though, and don’t think you can tell her something in week two and she will forget by week 6. Oh no, she will remember, and may or may not use it against you to get you back on the straight and narrow!

Her knowledge of using natural remedies is also fantastic. One or two things cropped up along the way, such as low blood pressure, and she immediately knew what to suggest and it worked!

In terms of weight loss or rather more importantly, as I learned, centimetre loss, I started off with a bang and had a few up and down moments thanks to my lovely hormones popping in to say howzit every now and then, but over the 8 weeks I lost 6.6kgs and 9% body fat which I’m thrilled about. I had cm loss all over, but my hips came down by 7cm!

I must confess I had second thoughts halfway through because my weight loss seemed slow, but Daniela begged me to not to become despondent and to trust the process. I’m so glad I did because it was as though my metabolism switched on right at the end.

I will definitely recommend Daniela and her program because up until I tried that, nothing else was working. I may not have lost all the weight and centimeters yet, but it is just the beginning. The program can be tough at times but it is absolutely worth it because you will be surprised at what habits you are able to break and the new healthier ones you are able to make.

I guarantee you Daniela is the right woman for the job!


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