In January, after our December holiday, I was finally tired of being tired, my wife felt the same.

We then got in touch with Daniela, but why her? I’ve known her since school, but In saying that, never spoken to her since then (maybe 17yrs). The main reason was I chose Daniela was that I was following her on Instagram and FB, and there was never pics of bikini models, or this fake “Easy to be fit”, or magical quick fix foods, just basic healthy living that needs time and special attention. 

We had no goal weight, no “half marathon” around the corner or special occasion, just didn’t want to be tired anymore. We’ve been comfortable for 15 yrs, not obese, but not in the shape we wanted to be. 

After contacting her, we got our 8 week mealplan and exercise plan. We both have full time jobs, have a toddler, and living in Sydney, no family to “help us out”. So we had our excuses lined up before we started (time zones does not stop this lady). This was all new to us, from having breakfast, not having quick cook in sauce meals and regular eating. As well as fitting in exercise while trying to fit in everything else. Daniela was on to us everyday with messages, how we doing, feeling and weekly measurement updates and helping us avoid excuses. 

In short, we finished over 8 weeks ago, why am I only writing a review now. Because it’s been 8 weeks since then, and we still eating according to her plan, with the odd exception of some fine dining. 

We’ve learned from Daniela that it is really what you put it, and when we eat something naughty, our body reminds us that it’s is not going to end well. We’ve also learned that we don’t need a goal, everyday is a goal to make the right decision, and the rest falls into place. 

My wife and I feel a lot happier and healthier and to be honest, we could never of done this by ourselves and glad we made contact. 

It’s cliche, but believe us, if we can do it, anyone can.
p.s. Not that it matters, but we have lost around 20kg together and each now weigh 78 and 53. We also did this with no Gym membership!

So, do your future-self a favour, and feel how you’ve always wanted to feel.

Thanks Daniela

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