This journey started after spending many hours, as each of us does, …on Dr Google to find answers.
Reading 2 articles which stuck in my mind –what one eats can make menopause easier & 6 signs of low oestrogen.
Menopause is not something a woman speaks about, probably because we experience it differently – sweating, slow metabolism with weight gain, facial hair, hair thinning/dry & breaking, and many other unpleasant side effects – but suspect because society sees it as a sign of getting older.
I started this journey not 100% sure of exactly what I was asking or where I was going, but I had faith in my belief of doing things naturally and that I needed to change some things. Every woman goes through the phases in life when our bodies rule us what with puberty, pregnancy and then menopause – it goes through a lot & in between all this we try so many forms of dieting to get back to our former selves, instead of looking to create a new us.
I’m never ever going to be skinny, firm with perky bits & skin – the reality is that our bodies age and have been through a lot ie. 21 with lots of experience  😉. BUT I’m at a point where I’m happy being me – my body has seen me through so much that I owe it the respect to find some help other than popping a pill to adjust my hormones artificially.
To get things going I needed a partner, someone I trust implicitly to ‘give it to me as it is’ yet hold my hand with patience & guidance to get to being a better me so that I’ll be there to see my own children grow to menopause! I knew who the perfect partner was – Daniela! I approached her with … can you help? Oh my goodness did she help!
Turned my eating patterns completely upside down giving me the weirdest combinations, dealt with endless questions & pleadings for something normal to eat and patiently guided me to where I needed to be … Almost 2 months down the line, the results are great ….to be able to eat food which encourages oestrogen levels to such an extent that instead of falling out or becoming dry and brittle, my hair is healthier & growing new spiky bits – I thought it was my imagination, but this comes from my hairdresser’s mouth… “people can put many treatments on their hair but don’t get it or realise that it has to be changed from inside…what you eat”. Other spin offs – stronger fingernails, more energy, hips less curvier – a lightbulb moment that the slow determination and effort was working, but most of all a surge of …greatfulness!
Thank you to Daniela for believing in my journey, supporting me, encouraging/booting me and listening to my endless questions again and again with great patience.

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