When Daniela asked me to write a testimonial on the 8 week Reboot programme, my mind went in all my 50 shades of taboo-mode…..oh what to pin down in this adventure!!  Imagine the “Daniela Rogers evil laugh”…….yes!!!  That’s the one!!!Smile
So here we go……..I have decided to take on this journey as I was on a lot of strong pain meds for a long time and also because of  more than a few trips to the hospital which included anesthesia.  Naturally, my body started to take strain because of this.  My 18 year old son, who gained a few kilograms, decided to join me.  The next challenge, for Daniela, not for us, yet, was to create a menu for my 18 year old, who, in his food “bible” it is clearly written, thou shall not eat veggies, fruit or salad in any form!!
The programme started of with a cleanse week.  No salt, sugar, spices, sauces, coffee, weet bix, wine gums, milkshakes (note:  this is a combination of our favourites) were allowed.  Only 7 days, how bad can it be??  It turns out…not that bad at all!!  Yes there were cravings……coffeeeeeeeee!!! and sugar for the rest.  BUT…..we’ve made it!! No scars and no animals were hurt in the process!! I must admit, coffee was my biggest craving and by the end of the week no egg white was tasty anymore.  The biggest surprise of all during this week……NO hunger pains!!!  There was enough to eat.
After the cleanse week, I went back to hospital for a big operation.  I usually have a very bad reaction as a result of  anesthesia but this time it was smooth sailing, I was much calmer and slept for almost 24 hours.  I kept with the program throughout my stay in hospital, thanks to an amazing husband who prepared my food at home and kept the supplies coming!! Hospital food to me, is like poison and I just could not get it into my body.
Back at home it was just me and my son (with my husband working offshore).  We persisted with the programme and although I was really sick, I forced myself to get up and eat.  My son is attending a home school centre so it was easy to tupperware his prepared meals for the day.  Because of the combination of different food types and regular intervals of meals, he had consistent levels of energy and concentration.
Some days, especially for him, the food was not to his liking.  Mainly the smoothies.  He really struggled with it, but kept going.  As soon as there was a big obstacle food-wise, I could just message Daniela and she got back to me within minutes with a solution.
The positive of this programme??  My son lost 12 kg!!  We (Daniela and me) could not have been prouder.  We both have been clients with Daniela for a few years.  For me it was not so much as losing kg, but for teaching my body what to eat and what it can cope with.
Is there any negatives??  Yes for sure, I will not lie!  Some of the recipes given later in the programme I did struggle with, some of it was not at all to our liking.  I think it is just a matter of personal taste.
The beauty of the programme is that you can continue with it.  Do we still persist? Not as religiously as before, we do slack on weekends and in the week I sometimes tweak here and there.  I think the Daniela just got out her broom and is about to fly in with all the nostrils flaring …….We still love her though!!Smile
In conclusion, we never once regretted that we started!!  The results were awesome BUT and this is a big but, you have to be positive and believe in yourself.  You have to realise that it takes effort and hard work!  And then, find someone to take part in this with you because although Daniela is there for you every step of the way, you need someone close by who will understand and support!!
Good luck to all!!

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