I originally contacted Daniela in April 2018, after a recommendation by a family member. I knew I needed something to change for lots of reasons.

Was I unhappy with my body.. Yes!

Did I want to lose weight.. YES!!!

Was I tired.. all the time. But honestly my tipping point was my anxiety, I had lost all control. I was constantly anxious, unhappy, withdrawing and it started impacting my work, my husband and my interaction with loved ones. I’ve always exercised and it helped to a point. So I needed to find control- and my diet was were I was going to start.

So with the amazing support of my husband we did this together.

I am now 5 months down the line. Down body fat %(9%) & up muscle mass and I finally feel like me again. Strong, in control and for the first time EVER I find myself complimenting my body. Even though I’m not at my smallest, my body and brain are in such a good place.
Good nutrition and good exercise have been game changers. ¬†With meal planning and mod/high intensity exercise 3-5x week our home is a lot happier, we very proud of ourselves and love our weekly meal plan. As my husband says “it’s great, I don’t have to think”.
The three biggest things I’ve learnt:

1) don’t obsess over the scale, scans was the best thing I did to keep my motivation up because my kg didn’t change as much as I wanted but my cm were crazy
2) I learnt macros and this has allowed me to adapt and change recipes but still using Daniela’s recommended total macros
3) Make it habit. We haven’t stopped following a meal plan every week, we haven’t stopped our exercise. Yes some days are more relaxed. But Mon- Fri we are on point!
This wasn’t a quick fix solution for me, this needed to be a lifestyle overhaul. I’m not done quite yet but I feel like I’m on a very happy and sustainable path.
Thank you so much for your all support and guidance, it’s been invaluable!

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