Roelof ‘The Wolf’ Scheepers

As an avid sportsman (strong man comps; MMA), I’ve had the opportunity to do a wide variety of sports. Mass consumption of food for fast mass gains & energy building as a strong man contender. And consuming less foods but ingesting food with a higher nutrient content as an MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter for EFC. 

One thing I have found is that to pick up weight is quick and easy, but to get rid of the unnecessary and unwanted weight is far tougher! Tougher but not impossible.

Tougher not just on the body but on the mind as well, especially if you want to do it quickly. Consuming large quantities of food is a task on its own, it depletes the body as well as the mind as it feels like your only goal in life is either preparing or eating food.  

This also strains the body as it is constantly working and the internal system never gets a chance to rest. 

When Daniela took me under her wing (as my fitness nutritionist), I got my taste for food back. 

I saw that less food and a better utilisation of complimentary combinations of nutrient dense food vs calorie dense foods, gave me my energy back to tackle a tough training regime of close to 8h a day, without the added strain on my body. 

The muscle mass slowly increased and it did not seem to deplete me physically.  The unnecessary fat started to drop, without any cravings for comfort food. I spent months focusing on my training and my nutrition, she taught me that the two go hand in hand.

I learnt that clean eating did not mean rabbit food and most certainly didn’t mean having to go hungry! Daniela also taught me that I could get to where I wanted to go,physically, without the help of synthetic substances like meal replacements and energy supplements. My correctly fueled body could do it all on its own! At times I hated her, we fought and we disagreed but we were a team! We worked on the plan and stayed focused! I came down from my strongman weight of 120kgs to my goal fight weight of 93kg! Which ensuRed i made the Light heavyweight division!  

I must say as pre-fight weigh-ins came closer, I was not yet where i needed to be weight wise (i had to be 93kg max) and I was surprised by a 2 week ‘all natural’ water cutting diet. No diuretics; no synthetics; no sweat suits no short cuts!  i must admit it contained bucket loads of parsley at almost every meal, which i hated her even more for, but my energy levels stayed high (despite my energy output) and no illness came my way. usually with hard training, a bug usually came my way. We even packed a full days meals into lunch boxes for pre fight day, post weigh in, as well as fight day. I wasn’t allowed to binge eat at any restaurants, like i normally would do post weigh in. She was mean, but i knew why and i reaped the benefits.

I must admit i have learned quite a bit from Daniela. Having had an old injury resurface before and during the fight did not make things easier but there might have been another story.

If you are serious about your chosen sport and want to do well without damaging your body, contact Daniela.