Vicky-Lyn Keet

Like most women I have always been okay with my body, very particularly happy or unhappy, just okay. Exercise was never a top priority and although I ran every now and again, and did Pilates through my first pregnancy it was never done with much focus.

In August of 2013 I gave birth to my beautiful little girl. I gained 17 kg through my pregnancy I was shocked by how much my body had changed and how negatively my mind reacted to it. Shortly after my daughter was born we were transferred to Germany and spent the first six months of her life there. Having a newborn and being out of my depth in a new country, exercise and my body become even less of a priority.

When I got the news that we were moving back to South Africa, I decided that I was going to have to make some changes and quickly.  These changes included, focusing on my health and fitness. I wasn’t worried about being a super model, all I wanted to do was wear a swimming costume comfortably and not feel like I was having a heart attack after 5 minutes of playtime with my little one.

Being in my early 30’s I have learnt to accept my limitations, one of them being my lack of self-discipline. So who better to help me get healthy and keep me motivated then my dear friend Daniela. I give her a call while we were still in Germany and booked a personal training session with her – starting the day after I landed back in South Africa.

In February 2014 I had my first session – and honestly I have never looked back.

Daniela was never anything less then professional and motivating. She took the time to understand what my goals were and provided me with an eating plan that was simple enough to use while balancing life with my lo. We agreed on two training sessions a week. It didn’t take long before I started to feel the difference in my energy levels and to start noticing changes in my body. It wasn’t an overnight transformation, but within a few months I had not only lost my baby fat, but was in better shape then I was when I fell pregnant with my daughter 2 years before.  Just after my daughters first birthday we headed to Mauritius for a family holiday. It was the most wonderful feeling to have the energy to play with her on the beach and better yet, to wear my brand new bikini with confidence that I hadn’t felt in years!

Soon after we got back from Mauritius, we discovered we were pregnant with our second child and were over the moon. My second pregnancy was very different from my first and morning sickness certainly had its way with me. But with Daniela’s guidance we immediately adjusted my training program to accommodate my pregnant body and focused on exercises that would help me with my birth, and recovery. By the time I was 7 months pregnant I was wearing the pants I considered my ‘skinny jeans’ after my daughter was born! By full term I had put on 15kg and was beginning to wonder if I was overly confident and would have to take another 2 years to get my body back. Daniela reassured me that I had done the work and would reap the rewards. I training until 2 weeks before my due date and then decided it was time to rest up before the lo arrived.

Our beautiful boy was born in June 2015 and after my c-section I waited 6 weeks before I could return to training with Daniela. In August we began with post natal training with focused on specific areas and eliminated training my abs, and core until such time that my muscles had returned to normal.

Second time around my recovery was a million times easier, despite my son being a more difficult baby then my daughter.

When Daniela told me they were moving and she was going to have to close her practice in Mossel Bay I was devastated and very panicked! But we made the time count and just a few short months after my lo was born I am back in my pre baby jeans, and feeling fit, happy and healthy.

My journey from flab to fab hasn’t been about looking like a super model, it has been about looking after myself so I can be a better mom to my kids, and wife to my much appreciative husband, about feeling confident in my body and about getting to know how much one can achieve when you have an amazing trainer who knows when to push you and where to focus.